Parc aventure accrobranche Forêt Adrénaline à Carnac Morbihan Bretagne

Practical Information


The park get a big parking for cars at the entrance but also for bikes in front oh the reception. Motor engines are not allowed in the enclosure of the park. If you are a group and coming by bus, you have a special access and parking, contact us.

Under each trail you will find a path in order to follow climbers and take pictures (if you don’t climb, entrance is free of charge)

Pushchair and wheelchair can access the park. The trails are wide, without too many obstacles (tree roots). The entrance to the park has a ramp to go to the toilet.

 Pets are allowed if keeping on a lead

Activity is praticable for some motor and mental handicaps

 Practical advice

We do not have suitable water. We recycle rainwater because it’s our politic and important for us and use it for WC.

Smokers get a restricted area where they can seat

Sportswear is preferable. Sneakers and attached hair are mandatory.

Minors must be accompanied . From 14 y/o, they can stay alone under condition to sign the discharge.

We accept cash, credit card, checks and holiday vouchers


Picnic areas : you can send your meal and picnic on our site. You will find tables, chairs and beans for everything.

Beans : sustainable development is important for us, we want you to help us and sort your trashes into adequated beans.

– Informations/Security : our ground staff is at your service, feel free to ask them if you need (help, advice, informations…)


Corsaire Aventure